Areas of Expertise

With strategic insights and deep dive into various practical aspects pertaining to trade and investment, technology, and sustainability, we endeavour to provide:

  • Curated Insights and Expert Support on Various Aspects of Market Entry, Business Expansion and Investment
  • Guidance on Best Practices for Enhancing Competitiveness, Quality and Sustainable Growth
  • Facilitating Technology Upgradation, Transfer, Demonstration and Commercialization
  • Mapping and Assessment of Technologies and Advising Suitable Solutions
  • Customized Diagnostic Reports, Feasibility Studies
  • Expert Advice and Support on various aspects of Sustainability – Circular Economy, Cleaner Production, Resource Efficiency , Climate Change Risk Mitigation, Social Responsibility
  • Guidance and Support in Developing and Implementing ESG and CSR initiatives
  • Expert Advice on Leveraging Policy Initiatives and Schemes

We have an experienced team of sectorial and domain experts to cater to the specific requirements of our clients

We provide end-to-end consulting and programme implementation services to our clients for accelerating their advancement towards the Sustainable Development Goals

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