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Occupational Hygiene and Safety Supplies Business, UAE

  • UAE based company, specializing in trading of occupational hygiene and safety requisites, workshop equipment, machinery, and spare parts for over 2 decades.
  •  The company’s vision is to enable a Safer, Healthier and Productive work environment for its customers through innovative products and services. Further, it endeavours to help improve the Competitive Advantage and Health & Safety Standards of its customers through best-in-class, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective products and services
  •  It has a wide range of personal protective equipment, work wear and many other occupational health and safety supplies
  • Besides providing a range of Personal Protective Equipment and Life Saving Devices, the company also provides various services for the products distributed. These services are provided by Authorised Technicians or directly by the Manufacturer, depending on the type of service required

Refrigeration and HVAC Equipment Trading Business, UAE

  •  Leading UAE based trading company in the Refrigeration and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment, and spare parts trading industry, covering a wide range of equipment, controls, tools and accessories serving all refrigeration and HVAC needs
  • With more than 3 decades of presence in the UAE, the company is an authorized dealer and leading trader in spare parts, full refrigeration equipment units, compressor and pressure gauges, cold storage equipment and air conditioning spare parts
  •  The Group turnover is close to AED 30 million, with profit margin of around 10 %
  • Consistent track record of profitability, despite COVID 19 impact

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